• Health and Sustainability through Biotechnology

    Health and Sustainability through Biotechnology

    Isomerase is a world-leading integrated biotechnology service provider. We discover and develop processes for clients, to generate important products using biotechnology and synthetic biology.

The team at Isomerase has a unique combination of biosynthetic understanding with fermentation and isolation expertise.  We are open to proposals for supply of isolated material of any natural product, even those from very hard to culture organisms. This can range from simple sourcing of the producer organism and setting up a fermentation and isolation process based on available literature, through to genome sequencing, cloning or DNA synthesis and heterologous expression of a biosynthetic pathway in one of our proprietary heterologous expression hosts.

We have supplied material in quantities from milligrams to grams for companies from pharma companies to biotechs to compound suppliers. We quality control all fresh batches of material via HPLC-UV HPLC-MS and proton NMR.



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