• Health and Sustainability through Biotechnology

    Health and Sustainability through Biotechnology

    Isomerase is a world-leading integrated biotechnology service provider. We discover and develop processes for clients, to generate important products using biotechnology and synthetic biology.

Partnering with Isomerase Therapeutics


The team at Isomerase Therapeutics has significant experience in discovering and developing candidate drugs and will undertake FTE collaborations to discover and develop microbial natural products chosen by the partner. We can use our refined bioengineering capabilities to rationally optimise the properties of the chosen molecule, support preclinical development, including managing scaled manufacturing and CMC and help take the candidate drug into the clinic. 


Isomerase offers a large range of microbial natural product drug discovery services, from analysis and isolation of the initial product through to genetic evaluation of the microbial strain and targeted bioengineering and eventual tech transfer to scale-up facilities for kilogram scale production of the candidate drug. We also have an extensive background in optimising natural products to improve their drug-like properties and generating novel and inventive candidate drugs in very crowded IP space.


We have many years of experience of microbial natural product drug discovery and development, a broad range of both natural and engineered analogues in our compound library and a strong academic, industrial and CRO network, which can be used to support the process.


If you are interested in discussing an opportunity with us, please use our contact page.


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