Isomerase pens collaboration with Neurovive Pharmaceutical AB


Isomerase Therapeutics Ltd., a privately held biotechnology company, announces that it has signed a collaboration agreement with Neurovive Pharmaceutical AB, a Nasdaq OMX listed pharmaceutical company (NVP), looking to develop cyclophilin inhibitors for various indications.


“We were really pleased when Neurovive acquired the cyclophilin inhibitor program from Biotica Technology Ltd., as we felt they were the perfect company to continue development of this very exciting group of compounds, including the candidate drug BC556 (NVP018)” said Isomerase’s CEO Dr Matt Gregory.  “Isomerase was founded by the scientific team that invented BC556 and a number of other related molecules, and we are in a great position to help them take forward what we believe could become ground-breaking therapies in a number of high value indications.”


“Isomerase’s technology and expertise enables discovery and development of microbial natural products by generating analogues that are not readily available via conventional synthetic chemistry” said Dr Steven Moss, Isomerase’s Chief Technology Officer. “Microbial natural products, such as polyketides and non-ribosomal peptides, have been incredibly successful commercially, and the combination of both the technology we acquired from Biotica and new technologies we are developing, enable us to optimise their properties rapidly, predictably and in chemical space outside of that accessible via synthesis alone. We look forward to collaborating with other companies in the future to help them develop their natural products of interest. Companies no longer need to throw away their natural products hits from library screens – we can help turn them from interesting hits to high value drug candidates.”

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