As part of its ongoing commitment to sustainability, Isomerase has taken receipt of a new Mercedes eVito electric van to transport materials between its headquarters in Chesterford Research Park and its kilo manufacturing lab in Solopark.ML van

VP of Bioprocess, Neil Triggs explained “Now we are operating two sites, it was important to have a capability to move materials. Our Solopark site will initially focus on kilo scale upstream and downstream processing, such as fermentation, whilst our Chesterford site will focus on strain engineering, analytics and final purification. Even though it is only a short 5 minute drive between the two sites, we needed a way to move materials efficiently and sustainably. An electric van seemed perfect for the job.”

About Isomerase

Our team is uniquely placed to assist partners with all aspects of microbial product and process discovery and development, including leading-edge synthetic biology, advanced strain improvement of microorganisms, genome sequence analysis, protein and peptide expression and isolation, fermentation and process development, DSP, compound isolation, analytical development and synthetic chemistry. In addition, Isomerase manages other aspects necessary for a commercially successful programme on behalf of partners, such as compound management and shipping and scaled manufacture.
We offer these capabilities underpinned by a portfolio of technology IP, and the combined experience of a core technical and leadership team with a substantive track record of successful product discovery and development collaborations with pharma and biotech companies.
We have supported numerous companies with a wide variety of microbial product and small molecule fermentation and synthetic chemistry projects, helping advance early stage concepts into valuable development programmes, and then continuing to support their progress to market with process improvement and scaled manufacture.

For more information please contact Isomerase via our contact page.

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