Isomerase Therapeutics announces closure of successful first round of seed investment


April 4th, 2013--Cambridge


Isomerase Therapeutics Ltd. announces that it has closed a first round of seed investment from a number of local Cambridge-based investors. Isomerase recently announced it had purchased assets from Biotica Technology Ltd., including both biosynthetic engineering technology IP,  and bacterial strains and plasmids to enable this technology.


CEO of Isomerase Therapeutics, Dr Matt Gregory commented "This investment will enable us to offer collaborations to partners interested in using cutting-edge bioengineering to develop complex microbial natural products, and to develop our own pipeline of drugs which target Peptidyl-Prolyl Isomerases (PPIases) for treatment of infectious diseases."


Dr Barrie Wilkinson, CSO of Isomerase Therapeutics went on to say "With this investment, Isomerase has the opportunity to become a major player in the field of natural product drug discovery. Microbial natural products frequently turn up as screening hits due to their exemplary biology. However, these hits are usually not drugs in their own right, due to off-target effects, limited IP position and poor pharmacokinetic profile. Solving these issues is usually beyond typical synthetic medicinal chemistry. The scientific team at Isomerase have a proven track record of discovering and developing these hits into candidate drugs using biosynthetic medicinal chemistry."


Isomerase plan to close a second round of seed investment in the near future. For further information, please contact Dr Matt Gregory via our contact page.

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