Isomerase Therapeutics celebrates second successful year

June 1st, 2015--Cambridge


The team at Isomerase Therapeutics Ltd (Cambridge, UK), recently celebrated two successful years at the Science Village at Chesterford Research Park. 


CEO of Isomerase, Matt Gregory commented “We wanted to mark what has been a great two years for both us and the many companies we have collaborated with over this period – from large pharmaceutical companies to small biotechs. We feel, as do our partners, that the combination of modern cutting-edge synthetic biology and the biological potential of microbial natural products is heralding in a new era of success for drug discovery and development of classes of therapeutic agents which still make up over half of approved drugs.”

Steven Moss, the CTO of Isomerase continued “During these two successful years, we have put down a solid base for future collaborations. We have an excellent team of scientists, with both experienced people we brought with us from Biotica Technology and new members bringing in a wide variety of new skills that give us great experience in Synthetic Biology, Bioengineering, Microbiology, Semisynthetic, Analytical and Natural Products Chemistry. We have also developed and are continuing to develop some real game-changing new technologies that will enable us to efficiently and rapidly break into vast amounts of new chemical space for natural products without having to source new bacterial strains. We are all looking forward to the impact these technologies will make over the next few years.”

Isomerase Therapeutics is a synthetic biology drug discovery and development company based in Cambridge, UK and the team have many decades experience of optimising natural products as drugs, or as other high-value chemicals, by applying a combination of biosynthetic engineering and semi-synthetic chemistry. Isomerase can offer a bespoke programme including synthetic biology drug discovery and development expertise on a FTE basis to partners to help them take their chosen natural product from an interesting hit to a high value candidate drug.

For more information please contact Isomerase via our contact page.


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