Isomerase Therapeutics moves to next phase in the development of its ground-breaking technologies

June 1st, 2016--Cambridge

Isomerase Therapeutics Ltd (Cambridge, UK), is pleased to announce that it has started an Innovate UK-funded Late Feasibility project to accelerate the development and commercialisation of a suite of novel next generation technologies in the field of natural products drug discovery and development.

CEO of Isomerase, Matt Gregory commented “Isomerase owns a number of exciting new technologies that in combination can rapidly deliver the next wave of highly targeted, highly effective therapeutics. Using modern synthetic biology, we have the potential to completely redefine the paradigm for small molecule drug discovery and we are therefore delighted that Innovate UK has recognised our success to date and agreed to fund this next stage in our development. The funding will help us validate these technologies against a series of attractive drug targets and move them to the stage where we can realise their huge commercial potential.”

Steven Moss, CTO of Isomerase continued “It is exciting to see the pharma industry returning to natural products as an important and highly effective source of novel therapeutic agents. We are confident that the new technologies we are developing put Isomerase at the forefront of that excitement with new methods that can rapidly deliver new highly effective agents with compelling biology.”
Isomerase Therapeutics is an agile drug discovery and development company based in Cambridge, UK. The Company is led by an experienced team with a successful track record in the discovery, development and commercialisation of natural products as drugs by applying a combination of biosynthetic engineering and semi-synthetic chemistry. In addition to its proprietary research, Isomerase is currently working flexibly with corporate partners through bespoke collaborative programmes to take their chosen natural product scaffold from interesting hit through to high value drug candidate. Isomerase welcomes the opportunity to work with additional industry partners.

For more information on collaborative R&D click here


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