Full-time Equivalent Work Packages (FTE)

Isomerase scientists may become or expand your research team, to help make new discoveries, on a full-time employee basis.  All engagements include a point contact project manager named Isomerase scientists.  A partner will have an ongoing relationship with everyone working on their project.  The team members may be made up of scientists dedicated to working solely on a partner project for a defined period, a mix of scientists each with different expertise spending a proportion of their time on the project, or a blend of both.

By working together in this way Isomerase complements a partner’s in-house research resources with a bespoke team best aligned to help partners explore new areas of research and make groundbreaking discoveries.  Costing is based upon the number of personnel assigned to a project and the duration of their commitment with any episodic costs requiring partner upfront consent.

Examples of projects that might benefit from this approach include:

What are the advantages of a Full-time equivalent (FTE) work package?

The advantages of working under an FTE work package include the flexibility this gives to respond to data. Additional advantages include the named scientific team that over time can gain expertise on your project. This gives you more ability to innovate and generate intellectual property for your project.  In general FTE relationships work best when there is significant uncertainty in the project or there is a requirement for innovation.

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