Picture15Analytical chemistry is an essential requirement of almost any discovery or development project.

Our analytical chemistry capabilities are aligned with the product classes we work on – whether these are small molecules, natural products, peptides, enzymes or other proteins.

We have extensive experience in developing stage-appropriate methods for the detection and quantification of a variety of analytes.

In-house we operate HPLC (UV, RID, ELSD), LCMS (and MSn), SDS-PAGE (including Western blot and gel densitometry) and spectrophotometric UV-Vis assays.

We have ready access to other techniques through our local network including NMR (high field and 2D), HRMS, XRPD and DCS.

Example analytical chemistry work packages

The following are some example work packages:

  • Analyte detection - early methods focussing on simply confirming the presence of an analyte in a microbial broth or biocatalytic transformation. These methods are the starting point for identity analysis when manufacture is transferred to a GMP CDMO.
  • Analyte quantification - development methods adapted to offer robust quantification of the analyte. These methods are the starting point for assay (w/w%) and purity (AUC%) analysis when manufacture is transferred to a GMP CDMO.
  • Identification, separation and quantification of related substances - as a product proceeds towards development, we can adapt the methods further to identify, and separate, related substances or other contaminants and ensure a successful tech transfer to a CDMO.
  • Development of bespoke assays - for example, to measure the activity of an enzyme.
  • Chemical property analysis - such as solubility or stability in a variety of matrices.

Contact us

Contact us for more information about how our analytical chemistry services can support your project or to request a quote.

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